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ボパールから10日後 10 days past from Bhopal


写真は現地スタッフでいろいろなお世話をしてくれたアディ。(facebookより拝借)とてもいいヤツで、お気に入りのチャイをご馳走してくれた。「I love smoke」と言いながら煙草を吸っていた。


10 days past from the workshop in Bhopal.
After coming back home, there are too many tasks  in my life in Tokyo to miss the life in Bhopal. Looking back now, I think my staying in Bhopal was amazing time with precious members that will never come.
Nevertheless, recently very small events happened around me.
I tried making my facebook account in the workshop because of the watching the movie “social network” onboard.
In japan it’s not so popular but all the friends in India use facebook and seemed to enjoy it.
I thought it useful to contact each other and rode the wave. But I was busy in the workshop so I could not master how to use it.
However, after coming back home, new request messages arrived in my E-mail box everyday. It was impressive for me and I found that the workshop friends remember me and felt the reality of participation.
In the requests, there were several messages I didn’t remember the name ( Indian name system is very difficult for me ! ).
But many photographs on facebook website reminded me of the names of them. Facebook is very useful.
I hear that Ms. Kao Terada who participated in the Bhopal workshop has been good relationship with Nakatani-san since Haizuka workshop in Japan, 1998. And Her ability was great help for our project in Bhopal.
Have I made such a beautiful relationship with friends, Nishu, Jubin, Ankita, Loveleen in Bhopal ? I don’t know it but I think it important to keep the contact and hope we will work together someday.
Following is the photograph of Ady (from Facebook). He is good guy and loves smoke!


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