2011.01.27 Nalli (Jubin&yosuke)

Theme:  sewage ,interview at ARIF NAGAR

We went around ARIF NAGAR. The people at this site have gathered together to treat graves and the town have becoming bigger.

There was an over-head water tank in front of the city, which pomp up water and accumulate it temporarily.

The water is divided into a lot of pipes and go through the town from North to South.

The channels of sewage also go through the town as written above. So all of the sewage have been accumulated  at the South side of the town.

The water through each pipes are pomp up to the water tank at each houses by motor. There were also personal water tank around the area.


we asked them why did they start living here that is so close to the union carbide site. they said that they had to go there because the local leader ARIF AKEEL(city governor) in that place . it was also a bid to strengthen their claim for the compensation money. the water supplied to them now is from the kolar pipeline . before this they had to drink the underground water. according to the old lady if the water was kept stagnant it would begin to smell and later rodents would be found in it.

i another interview with a gas victim ,,it was found that the treatment facilities were very improper even till today. the medicines are out of stock and the hospitals are very lazy in providing treatment.however if given a choice they would like to see the area develop and provide employment facilities for their children . money was not an issue and they really laid emphasis on jobs for their literate yet unemployed youth.

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