2011.01.28 Beekari


Today we went to Oriya Basti and Nawab Nagar around the UCF.

  • Oriya Basti situated on the north-western side of factory with few families (50-60) in the settlement.
  • People belong to lower income group yet with better living conditions.
  • The municipal corporation provides fresh water and sanitation facilities.
  • The area is clean as compared to the other nearby other areas especially around railway track.
  • Sambhavna clinic workers are teaching and spreading knowledge regarding health tips from the local available medicinal plants.
  • They also told us about the long term side effects of the chemicals exhibited by the UCF.

On the other hand the Nawab Colony area was dirty and lifeless.  The place was dry enough in terms of living, and reason behind that kind of living is lack of facilities.

Therefore, for the further development of both the areas the participation of people as well as the political inference is extremely essential.

"Man at Work"

" Near to nature"

" Busy With Household Work"

"Homework Time" Oriya Basti

"Time for some chat" Oriya basti"

An Unhealthy settlement" Nawab Colony

"Silent surrounding " Nawab Colony

"Abondend" Nawab Colony

"Indirect Sufferer" Nawab Colony

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