2011.01.28 Nalli (Jubin&Yosuke)

Theme1:Commercial Activities (Jubin)

The inferences that can be drawn from studying the commercial activities in and around the factory site are as follows:

1.the area is well supprted by two major markets called the hamidia and the royal market .

2.the market around the chola road has almost all needed shops like the essential commodities for daily living and also the luxury goods.

3.The market serves the customer base as far as the new settlemets in Bhopal.

4.The market is however meant for the small lower income groups that inhabit the surroundings of the factory site.

5.The availability factor of the goods is very high in the vicinity.

Thus it can be concluded that the area will serve well for the customer base that develops as a result of the remodeling of the factory site.

Theme2: Sewage (Yosuke)

I walked around ARIF NIGAR where I went yesterday. Although, other teams walked wide area, I observed sewage around the particular town miticulously.

Sewage were basically located at the each sides of houses and its flow goes down to the South. However, there were lots of irregular sewage passing from the East to West.(this fact have not researched exactly yet.)

Sewage inters directly to fields and has been accumulated day by day. It also shapes a kind of sand bank used for people doing some activities such as playing card games.

The characteristic of sewage are described bellow.

Spilling Water Tank

Robust Tree

A Secret Line

A Shop along Sewage

The End of Flow

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