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2011.01.28 Beekari


Today we went to Oriya Basti and Nawab Nagar around the UCF.

  • Oriya Basti situated on the north-western side of factory with few families (50-60) in the settlement.
  • People belong to lower income group yet with better living conditions.
  • The municipal corporation provides fresh water and sanitation facilities.
  • The area is clean as compared to the other nearby other areas especially around railway track.
  • Sambhavna clinic workers are teaching and spreading knowledge regarding health tips from the local available medicinal plants.
  • They also told us about the long term side effects of the chemicals exhibited by the UCF.

On the other hand the Nawab Colony area was dirty and lifeless.  The place was dry enough in terms of living, and reason behind that kind of living is lack of facilities.

Therefore, for the further development of both the areas the participation of people as well as the political inference is extremely essential.

"Man at Work"

" Near to nature"

" Busy With Household Work"

"Homework Time" Oriya Basti

"Time for some chat" Oriya basti"

An Unhealthy settlement" Nawab Colony

"Silent surrounding " Nawab Colony

"Abondend" Nawab Colony

"Indirect Sufferer" Nawab Colony

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2011.01.27 Beekari

DAY – 4 “Many things happen at edge.”

  • “Boundaries and Activities” as our theme we started walking towards Aarif Nagar situated at the south-eastern part of Union carbide factory.
  • We explored the streets and the activities along the street and their edges.
  • Lots of things can happen at edge of streets, started with an entry gate. People carrying out their daily activities like their business, women with their house hold works and children playing.
  • The population was self-sufficient for their basic needs by working and conducting their little business in their respective households.

Abondend tower in the center

Ecological use of drain water

Want to have a ride

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2011.01.25 Beekari

DAY -3

  • Our team started our journey by walking along railway track on the northern side of Union Carbide Factory.
  • We explored many organized and unorganized settlements of these areas like Kainchi Chola, New Block, Prem Nagar and Nav-Jeevan Nagar.
  • Then we reached the “Toxic Tank”. Local people have named it as Zahreela Talab as this site is filled with tonns of toxic waste dumped by Union Carbide Factory.
  • There was a haphazard development around the tank and these areas were very much deprived of the basic infrastructure facilities.

“Dieing or Playing”

"Toxic Tank"


"Mobile Tailor"

"Playing with Poison"

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2011.01.24 team beekari


  • Starting with the statue of “wailing Lady “ that was built as a memorial for the tragic night.
  • We explored the narrow streets of the Rambha Nagar area and found a typical Indian pattern of shortcuts connecting the streets of the nearby areas.
  • Level of services and infrastructure is not well developed in the former areas, but as we move ahead the level of  services improved with better infrastructure and standard of living.
  • It was an unorganized development, grown haphazardly around the southern side of Union Carbide Factory.

Wailing Lady

Connecting Shortcuts

A Beggar

Local men playing


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