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2011.01.29 kabadi

Today we try to explore the lost monuments and heritage building around the factory site.
First a brief look at the history of barasiya road and its surrounding area, before 1930 the place was used for agricultural, During 1930 there was spread of disease know as black fever due to which many people died so much so that the entire area was converted into a graveyard.
Later on in 1947 the new human settlement begins to develop and slowly the graveyard soon converted into a residential colony.
The tombs of some powerful and important people are still there in the locality.
The other new settlement begins to develop in after 1980.

There are two notable monuments in the locality, which are still present, one is tomb of unknown personality and other is an old havelli, which is been now used as place for animal shelter.

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2011.01.28 kabadi

team : kabadi

Today we try to explore the commercial activities around the site.

Surprisingly the main road leading to the site has very little commercial activity and the approach road to the site (chola road) have major commercial activities.

The basic character of chola road market is that it served as a neighborhood market and is a self sufficient in terms of daily goods supply.

Some other specialist markets are the kabadi (scrap) market which one of its kind in Bhopal, were scrap from all over Bhopal are bought here and further transport to recycling centers.

We also have opportunity to explore the mini bus operating in the city, which was overcrowded but serving well to the local people as they have good frequency and lower fare. Inside of the bus was so excited. The music was so loud and the passengers were workers, housewife, students mixed in the bus.

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2011.01.27 kabadi

What we did today

nishi’s eye

PLAN: Following person/animals/etc. around the area.

UC factory site is now not factory that produces agrichemicals but fund that supply people living around the site with something.

It’s a small economics.

The past UC factory has been a part of global economics that was so big. After the green revolution, UC factory got grants from foundation in advanced nations and India government and produced agrichemicals, farmers in India bought agrichemicals and produced crops.


We found the temporary house for construction workers inside of UC factory site.

They are a family about five persons living in old factory warehouse building. Their temporary house is so big one-room house that seems to be so comfortable.

They get some fruits or firewood or something from factory site for living in the site and they wash cloths under the tree. The old factory site looks like a garden now.

Nishu vision

Today we have survey arif nagar near the union carbide site.

Majority of the people were the fruit and vegetable seller which begin there day early in morning and finish up their first round of a day by 11 am in morning and gear up for their second round in the evening 4 pm.

Some other people have their work centre within two-kilometer radius.

The young generation are working in the up coming city centre like DB Mall, old city market.

Most of people living in arif nagar are the gas tragedy suffers who still awaits the government help and compensation for settling their huge medical bills

It is interesting to note that many want an education centre to come up at factory site, which facilitates the education for their young generation and some other thinks that recreational place will be a welcomed development at factor site.

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2011.01.25 team kabadi

team: kabadi

Nishi’s eye

  • kabadi collect garbage, which can be recycled
  • local electric power system
  • local water supply system
  • Government worker collect garbage in the sewage
  • The position of bathroom in a house
  • TV antenna, which seems to be so expensive on the poor house
  • The old people enjoy card game everyday

Nishu’s eye

  • The animals which are used by local people are not feed properly they rely more on the domestic waste lie in the locality.
  • The people are misusing the municipal waterlines and also the supply in these water lines is not adequate.
  • Small manufacturing units are present in the settlement which provide employment to local people
  • Many mobile shops are operating in the settlement, which cycles the settlement daily
  • Danger of spread of disease is always high due to stagnation of water, especial during the raining season
  • The municipal van collects the garbage only from main road and from collection bins and also cleans the drains periodically

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2011.01.24 team kabadi


team: kabadi

nishu & nishi

This is our first experience of visiting the surrounding areas of factory site.

It was around 4 PM local time and different activities were what happening in the area such as people lining up for water collection from municipal tap, children playing in street, the women after long day of work having an evening break with tea and cookies, the small factories were rushing in hurry to complete the day’s work, witnessing all the activities one can release the daily routine is possibly the same for everyday except for times like cultural and festival events.

People seem to be happy and content from their daily routine.

As we were passing the settlement we discover poor hygiene, improper garbage disposal, open drainage lines, lack of infrastructure like roads and proper sewage system but it seems people have learned to live and to adapt the condition.

In coming days we intend to explore more about these surroundings for developing clear understanding of the people living the surroundings.

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