2011.01.25 team kabadi

team: kabadi

Nishi’s eye

  • kabadi collect garbage, which can be recycled
  • local electric power system
  • local water supply system
  • Government worker collect garbage in the sewage
  • The position of bathroom in a house
  • TV antenna, which seems to be so expensive on the poor house
  • The old people enjoy card game everyday

Nishu’s eye

  • The animals which are used by local people are not feed properly they rely more on the domestic waste lie in the locality.
  • The people are misusing the municipal waterlines and also the supply in these water lines is not adequate.
  • Small manufacturing units are present in the settlement which provide employment to local people
  • Many mobile shops are operating in the settlement, which cycles the settlement daily
  • Danger of spread of disease is always high due to stagnation of water, especial during the raining season
  • The municipal van collects the garbage only from main road and from collection bins and also cleans the drains periodically

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