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2011.01.25 Beekari

DAY -3

  • Our team started our journey by walking along railway track on the northern side of Union Carbide Factory.
  • We explored many organized and unorganized settlements of these areas like Kainchi Chola, New Block, Prem Nagar and Nav-Jeevan Nagar.
  • Then we reached the “Toxic Tank”. Local people have named it as Zahreela Talab as this site is filled with tonns of toxic waste dumped by Union Carbide Factory.
  • There was a haphazard development around the tank and these areas were very much deprived of the basic infrastructure facilities.

“Dieing or Playing”

"Toxic Tank"


"Mobile Tailor"

"Playing with Poison"

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2011.01.25 team kabadi

team: kabadi

Nishi’s eye

  • kabadi collect garbage, which can be recycled
  • local electric power system
  • local water supply system
  • Government worker collect garbage in the sewage
  • The position of bathroom in a house
  • TV antenna, which seems to be so expensive on the poor house
  • The old people enjoy card game everyday

Nishu’s eye

  • The animals which are used by local people are not feed properly they rely more on the domestic waste lie in the locality.
  • The people are misusing the municipal waterlines and also the supply in these water lines is not adequate.
  • Small manufacturing units are present in the settlement which provide employment to local people
  • Many mobile shops are operating in the settlement, which cycles the settlement daily
  • Danger of spread of disease is always high due to stagnation of water, especial during the raining season
  • The municipal van collects the garbage only from main road and from collection bins and also cleans the drains periodically

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My task(Norihito Nakatani)

Sum up diary for 3days!

Cheer up all students of our units.

Introducing Jeeth Lype, young community architect and innovator.

Write important reply to Japan.

Broadcast our discussion to Taku-su kai in Japan

Write preface of book, and revised.(homework)… done!

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2011.01.24 team beekari


  • Starting with the statue of “wailing Lady “ that was built as a memorial for the tragic night.
  • We explored the narrow streets of the Rambha Nagar area and found a typical Indian pattern of shortcuts connecting the streets of the nearby areas.
  • Level of services and infrastructure is not well developed in the former areas, but as we move ahead the level of  services improved with better infrastructure and standard of living.
  • It was an unorganized development, grown haphazardly around the southern side of Union Carbide Factory.

Wailing Lady

Connecting Shortcuts

A Beggar

Local men playing


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2011.01.24 team kabadi


team: kabadi

nishu & nishi

This is our first experience of visiting the surrounding areas of factory site.

It was around 4 PM local time and different activities were what happening in the area such as people lining up for water collection from municipal tap, children playing in street, the women after long day of work having an evening break with tea and cookies, the small factories were rushing in hurry to complete the day’s work, witnessing all the activities one can release the daily routine is possibly the same for everyday except for times like cultural and festival events.

People seem to be happy and content from their daily routine.

As we were passing the settlement we discover poor hygiene, improper garbage disposal, open drainage lines, lack of infrastructure like roads and proper sewage system but it seems people have learned to live and to adapt the condition.

In coming days we intend to explore more about these surroundings for developing clear understanding of the people living the surroundings.

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2011.01.24 team nalli


Jubin & Yosuke

There was a striking contrast between the housing communities on either sides of the sewage.

The area studied by our group had more or less the same housing pattern throughout.

Most of the settlements were constructed in the late 90′s.

The area on south side of the factory had improper drainage system. Most of it was open and over-flowed onto the roads. However, on the northern side of the settlement the drainage was proper. On this side even the pavements were cemented unlike the other side.

The electricity supply was also very unorganized.

Over all, the settlements seemed very congested and at the same time some part of settlements seemed illegal.

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