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2011.01.28 kabadi

team : kabadi

Today we try to explore the commercial activities around the site.

Surprisingly the main road leading to the site has very little commercial activity and the approach road to the site (chola road) have major commercial activities.

The basic character of chola road market is that it served as a neighborhood market and is a self sufficient in terms of daily goods supply.

Some other specialist markets are the kabadi (scrap) market which one of its kind in Bhopal, were scrap from all over Bhopal are bought here and further transport to recycling centers.

We also have opportunity to explore the mini bus operating in the city, which was overcrowded but serving well to the local people as they have good frequency and lower fare. Inside of the bus was so excited. The music was so loud and the passengers were workers, housewife, students mixed in the bus.

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2011.01.28 Beekari


Today we went to Oriya Basti and Nawab Nagar around the UCF.

  • Oriya Basti situated on the north-western side of factory with few families (50-60) in the settlement.
  • People belong to lower income group yet with better living conditions.
  • The municipal corporation provides fresh water and sanitation facilities.
  • The area is clean as compared to the other nearby other areas especially around railway track.
  • Sambhavna clinic workers are teaching and spreading knowledge regarding health tips from the local available medicinal plants.
  • They also told us about the long term side effects of the chemicals exhibited by the UCF.

On the other hand the Nawab Colony area was dirty and lifeless.  The place was dry enough in terms of living, and reason behind that kind of living is lack of facilities.

Therefore, for the further development of both the areas the participation of people as well as the political inference is extremely essential.

"Man at Work"

" Near to nature"

" Busy With Household Work"

"Homework Time" Oriya Basti

"Time for some chat" Oriya basti"

An Unhealthy settlement" Nawab Colony

"Silent surrounding " Nawab Colony

"Abondend" Nawab Colony

"Indirect Sufferer" Nawab Colony

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“follow your heart and not your head”

Its easier said than done, the participants took two days of walking around the neighborhood, near the site to start seeing beyond the things that they wanted to see.

After a lot of convincing that they had to keep at it and dig deeper within themselves and observe what they hear and see.

Today they have been able to scratch the surface and are able to see the patterns that are emerging when they walk. I was explaining that before we get overwhelmed b the problem and jump to the solution, we need to be with the situation in the present context.

The theme was only to guide and direct the participants to look for aspects related to the theme, this gives them a focus and helps them to observe deeper as they engage with the people and the place.

Jeeth Iype – Architect

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2011.01.27 kabadi

What we did today

nishi’s eye

PLAN: Following person/animals/etc. around the area.

UC factory site is now not factory that produces agrichemicals but fund that supply people living around the site with something.

It’s a small economics.

The past UC factory has been a part of global economics that was so big. After the green revolution, UC factory got grants from foundation in advanced nations and India government and produced agrichemicals, farmers in India bought agrichemicals and produced crops.


We found the temporary house for construction workers inside of UC factory site.

They are a family about five persons living in old factory warehouse building. Their temporary house is so big one-room house that seems to be so comfortable.

They get some fruits or firewood or something from factory site for living in the site and they wash cloths under the tree. The old factory site looks like a garden now.

Nishu vision

Today we have survey arif nagar near the union carbide site.

Majority of the people were the fruit and vegetable seller which begin there day early in morning and finish up their first round of a day by 11 am in morning and gear up for their second round in the evening 4 pm.

Some other people have their work centre within two-kilometer radius.

The young generation are working in the up coming city centre like DB Mall, old city market.

Most of people living in arif nagar are the gas tragedy suffers who still awaits the government help and compensation for settling their huge medical bills

It is interesting to note that many want an education centre to come up at factory site, which facilitates the education for their young generation and some other thinks that recreational place will be a welcomed development at factor site.

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