2011.01.24 team kabadi


team: kabadi

nishu & nishi

This is our first experience of visiting the surrounding areas of factory site.

It was around 4 PM local time and different activities were what happening in the area such as people lining up for water collection from municipal tap, children playing in street, the women after long day of work having an evening break with tea and cookies, the small factories were rushing in hurry to complete the day’s work, witnessing all the activities one can release the daily routine is possibly the same for everyday except for times like cultural and festival events.

People seem to be happy and content from their daily routine.

As we were passing the settlement we discover poor hygiene, improper garbage disposal, open drainage lines, lack of infrastructure like roads and proper sewage system but it seems people have learned to live and to adapt the condition.

In coming days we intend to explore more about these surroundings for developing clear understanding of the people living the surroundings.

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